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Hi, my name is Adam Selley.
An experienced code monkey and co-founder of One Place Events.

Hi, my name is Adam Selley.
An experienced code monkey and co-founder of One Place Events.

A graduate whose been coding for more than 6 years. Now living in Bangkok.
Working on start ups and small to large projects.

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One Place

Startup Founder Events
Web UX Responsive Foundation Database

A platform that enables tourists, expats and locals to see what is happening in a city. The platform operates in a number of cities, Bangkok and Barcelona are the principal cities.

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Hitch Safely (Prototype + Mobile only)

Designs Travel
Prototype UI Mobile only Angular

A prototype of a mobile only Web App. The Web App is for hitch hikers who want their journey tracked. If they fail to arrive at their destination their emergency contacts will be notified

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A Journey (Designs only)

Designs Adventure
Mock up UI Responsive PSD

A mock up for a tourism company. They sale packaged experiances.


Startup Front-End Venues
Web UX Responsive Foundation Database Responsive php SCSS

A platform to help event organisers find their perfect venues and venues to find event organisers.

Website coming soon

B4 Injury

Small business Fitness
Web UX Responsive Foundation Full width

A small sports injury clinic in Devon. The site is a one page layout that uses lightboxes to display information.

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CSS3 HTML5 Javascript Jquery SASS SCSS LESS LibSass Node.js Foundation Git


UI UX Typography Responsive Management


Brackets Command line Chrome Photoshop Illustrator

Web Tools

Trello Github InVision Google Drive/Hangouts/Analytics Meetup.com

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